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Scott Flansburg, Nicknamed, the Human Calculator, currently holds the Guinness World Record for adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person can do using a calculator.

More important than showing others his skills, he wants to show others that they already have the ability to perform seemingly difficult math problems without a calculator. Using Scott’s tactics, he has proved that any student or professional who needs to use math in their daily life can merely do so by using their brain.




Maths Guru enable you to compute numbers in your head as quickly as a calculator. It is packed with effective easy-to-learn shortcuts and secrets that make Math Fun & Easy. In just a few hours, you'll discover how effortless it is to add, subtract, multiply, and divide up to 4-digit columns, solve seemingly impossible problems algebraically, figure square roots and cube roots, balance your checkbook, budget your income and expenses more effectively and calculate the full value of a sales discount....and more!

Adults will be able to compute their daily calculations on their tip i.e. change from grocery, balancing checkbooks, figuring interest on savings or credit/Debit cards.

Millions of students dread their math classes and live in fear of the math exams. But Through his book he demonstrates how everyone can put their phobia to rest and deal with essential every-day mathematical calculations with confidence.




  • How to master the basics;

  • How addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division really work;

  • How to simplify calculations through estimation;

  • How to quick-check your answers;

  • How measurements work and how to quickly convert metric measures to more familiar ones;

  • How to figure tips and taxes and be sure you're getting the right change;

  • How to figure percentages; and

  • How to master algebra using the nine easy steps to algebra.

Math Guru is for all of us who need and want to improve our understanding of math. Flansburg makes math what you may never have imagined it to be: easy and fun.