Electric Slicer

Electric food slicer - Chop, Mince, Slice and Dice.
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Grate cheese, dice onions, and slice potatoes at the touch of a button using Electric Slicer. It combines the control and consistency of a Manual slicer with the speed and safety of a food processor, all in a counter-friendly size that's easy to put together.

Safe and simple: Place veggies, cheese, and more into the sliding carriage, then push the button. The food pusher guides the food and keeps your fingers away from the blades, which are enclosed in the plastic housing. A safety mechanism ensures the unit operates only when the food pusher is interlocked with the main unit.

It does all the work: The sliding food carriage moves back and forth, allowing the blade to cut in both directions for faster results.

Shave ice for frosty drinks: Produce julienne slices for salads and sides, grate cheese and veggies for toppings, even make French fries with the new customer-requested French-fry blade.

Cuts like a chef: Unlike when using a knife, you can count on this unit to produce uniform slices every time. Food cooks evenly, stacks better in sandwiches or casseroles, and looks professional when you bring it to the table. You can even create thin slices down to 1/16 of an inch that you couldn't do manually.

Less cleanup: Remaining food drops into the base drawer with less mess. With the fitted lid, you can store food until you need it. No bulky cutting board to wash, no extra plasticware to fill.

Save money! Slice your own produce, grate your own cheese, and buy in bulk. You're sure to become the master of kitchen preparation with this multipurpose unit. 

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