Fat Free Express

Cooks your food without addition of extra Oil/Ghee/Butter.
Triple Layered Surface Non Stick Gas Top Owen/Cooking Pan
HBN India

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fat Free Express is a break through in cookware that eliminates the need for added Oil or Fats. Many conventional pans have single non-stick coating that usually requires Oil to cook with, but Fat Free Express has a special triple layered surface called Glide Coat three, which is so slick it takes it takes place of oil and butter and it stops your food from sticking.

In Fat Free Express the heat from the bottom is conducted evenly through out the interior surface and the hot air from the outside travels up inside through the special air slots. this combination of conduction and convection cooks all food in natural goodness. And this conduction and convection cooking method seals in the flavor- food tastes delicious.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fat Free Express the cookware break through that lets you cook all your favorite food up to three times faster. The secret is a triple layered non-stick coating called glide coat three. With glide coat three there’s no need for adding oil or butter so you can cook fat free plus the unique conduction convection cooking method that takes rising heat from outside and circulates it inside to lock in moisture, seals in flavor and cook all your food up to three times faster than regular oven, The Fat Free Express comes complete with high dome lid featuring adjustable vents for custom cooking. The reversible rack, ideal for roasting and backing, the easy grip tongs for lifting hot food with ease and Fat Free Express cook book



  • Fat Free Express is the best and easiest way of cooking food without any added fats.
  • You can cook food without any oil but still without loosing the taste.
  • This has a special three coat non - stick surface because of which no added fats are required to cook and still the food won't even burn.
  • The lead has special air vents which makes cooking a easier job and saves time.

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