Six Pack Home Gym Ab Exerciser Equipment

Whenever we plan to start an exercise program, we always think of the total number of equipment which we will be using for our entire body and the total time that we will be taking to workout on all these equipment. The idea of giving a lot of time and using multiple gym equipment does […]

AB Rocket Twister Review

Ab Rocket Twister Original

In this modern age of technology, being fit is now considered a lifestyle and 6 pack abs are considered to be the ultimate goal of fitness. Thanks to technology, being fit isn’t that tough. If we speak about the 1990’s or even 2000’s for that matter, being fit and being with 6 pack abs wasn’t […]

Pimple marks removal cream-Dermonu review

  They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, however, there is no denying that whenever we hear beauty, the first thing that strikes our mind is “A Beautiful Face”. From years, beauty is being judged via the appearance of the face and no matter what we do, beauty will always be judged […]

Vegetables that make you look young and beautiful!

We all put so much effort in choosing the colour of our dress, makeup or even shoes, yet the best way to achieve beauty and youth is to choose the right colour of food we eat. Eating colourful fruits and vegetables is a great way to give you a glowing clear complexion. Fill your diet […]

Why did 6 pack abs become so popular?

Many of us dream to get the perfect body, a body which we can flaunt on social media and even in real. These days there is nothing more desirable than the ever popular 6 Pack Abs, honestly no one would say no to getting 6 pack abs, every boy would be happy impressing the world […]

Home made remedies for overall unwanted body hair removal

In the modern world, your beauty has a huge role in your confidence because your beauty makes you feel comfortable in front of everyone and this comfort is what makes you feel confident. This is very similar to the concept of a small child, a small child will only smile and behave freely when he/ […]

Importance of fitness in today’s world

Human beings are superior to all other creatures thanks to our ability of adapting, adjusting & growing with time. Right from stone age, we have evolved ourselves intellectually, mentally & physically. To be honest we are quite superior than our ancestors when it comes to intelligence and mental stability however if we talk about our […]

Modern Hair Removal Methods

While trying to maintain our beauty, we look for traditional and natural techniques. Techniques which are safe and which would enhance our beauty, however these techniques are time-consuming. So, we end up exploring and using newer and modern techniques, devices etc. to keep up with the pace of present hectic lifestyle in order to make […]

Mariyappan Thangavelu

Mariyappan Thangavelu is an Indian Paralympic high jumper. He represented India in the 2016 Summer Paralympic games held in Rio de Janeiro in the men’s high jump T-42 category, winning the gold medal in the finals. On 25 January 2017, Government of India announced “Padma Shri” award for his contribution towards sports.

Deepa Malik

Deepa Malik is the first Indian woman to win a medal in Paralympic games and won a Silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in shot put. At the national level, Deepa Malik has won around 54 medals to add to the 13 at international level in javelin throws, shot put & swimming. Her amazing […]