All Rounder Fitness Equipment- Multi Gym Fat Blaster

What is your preferred piece of workout equipment at the gym? Bench press? Dumbbell press? Stationary bike? Will it not be a better deal for you if you get all the types of gym equipments in a single machine? Don’t worry, Multi Gym Fat Blaster is the machine you are looking for. Telebrands/HBN has forged a compact machine which will help to work on your entire body at your home. One can practice workout as beginner as well as perform high-intensity workouts at home.













We all want more energy, and also want to feel good and energetic. But our work schedules aren’t allowing us to do so. Losing weight and acquiring those dream bodies have become a distant dream. The health benefits of exercise are hard to ignore. Multi Gym Fat Blaster helps you to workout at your home in between your busy schedules.

We already get tired during hectic schedules and ignore our health as we are least bothered about our diets and workouts. Multi Gym Fat Blaster will occupy a very less area of your house so that you can workout anytime during the hectic schedules.

Are you irritated due to the stubborn fat around your belly and want to gain a muscular and fit physique. Multi Gym Fat Blaster is a right choice for your dream physique. Now you can lose weight and unwanted belly fat faster than ever. This home gym equipment is a perfect combination of muscle strengthening and cardio exercises. It burns those long accumulated fats effectively and with utmost ease. It helps reduce those extra inches. It is a perfectly designed cycle which gives you a cardio workout the comfort of your home. It works on your abs, obliques, Chest, Biceps, Back, shoulders, Triceps, calves, thighs, and hips. Sit Ups, Push Ups, Rocking & Twisting can be done with ease along with Upper & Lower extremity exercises for getting your body in the perfect shape. Now get that toned body at a go. The multi-gym fat blaster gives you all.













Are you spending a lot on expensive gym memberships, it’s time say goodbye to all those gym memberships and yes to multi gym fat blaster. You can perform numerous exercises at ease. Now get that toned and shaped body at the comfort of your home. You need not shell out your hard earned money behind those gyms. This Multi Gym Fat Blaster will help you get that gym like body at the minimal cost. It consists of has soft rolling cushions to support your neck and back ensuring comfort and avoiding the risk of pain and injuries. This is ideal for every height as the neck rest has 4 levels of adjustments, the leg raise has 3 levels of strong & durable rubber resistance adjustments and the seat length is also adjustable. The flexibility of the backrest allows you to perform all those exercises with great ease and comfort. It has a wide base which makes this machine extremely balanced and it is built like a chair to make it very easy to use and effective for both males and females of any height, weight, and age.













Practice various exercises with the Multi Gym Fat Blaster to acquire dream physique, one can plan a perfect workout routine with the Multi Gym Fat Blaster, exercises to be done with the Multi Gym Fat Blaster are Cycling, Crunches, Lateral Raise, Frontal Raise, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Leg Raises, Side Obliques, Thighs Extension, Bicep Curls, Push Ups, Shoulder Press and many more.  


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