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How Chef Dini Makes My Schedule Better

Food has always been my first love and to eat new & healthy food items has become more of a hobby. Being someone who stays away from his family & someone who is not really good at cooking or other food preparation, it became really tough to eat what I love frequently and I had […]

Solution For All Trimming & Grooming Problems

Nowadays, grooming for men is really essential specially when it comes to dates, meetings & functions. Your grooming habits can even decide the fate of your first date and important meetings which is why it is very necessary for men to be well groomed at all times. When I say grooming, things like trimming, hair […]

Argan Oil – A Gift From Nature For Your Hair

Argan oil is extracted naturally from the Moroccan Argan tree, and provides excellent conditioning properties for your hair. Its cosmetic and nutritional benefits have been the best-kept secret of Moroccan women for centuries. Argan Oil is considered to be one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing […]

Wireless Karaoke Mic – HBN 5 in 1 Superstar

Being someone who loves to sing, dance and party, I’ve always liked to use and write about mics, speakers, karaoke systems, live gigs and everything with regards to music. Recently, I came across a very interesting electronic device which looked like a regular mic however, was very eye catchy and made me take a lot […]

Shred & Slice Buddy – Vegetable Slicer & Chopper

Transform your kitchen into a food-processing powerhouse with the Shred and Slice Buddy. With this kitchen product, you can easily slice and shred vegetables, fruits, and even meat. This awesome tool comes with 3 cylindrical attachments – Thick Shredder, Fine Shredder, Slicer. This shredder and slicing attachment is designed smartly so you can meet almost […]