The best kitchen-friendly product-Shred & Slice Buddy

Even the kitchen needs a buddy, don’t you think so ? You can be a beneficiary to this kitchen product benefits which will make cooking easy, fast and enjoyable.

During the olden days, women had all the time to cook because they were not allowed to do any other thing but taking care of their family. Unbelievable! But yet it’s true.

They didn’t get involved in the corporate nor engage in all manner of time-consuming businesses which takes up all our time. They did all their cooking by themselves because they had all the time in the world.

Yes, they did but we don’t want to go back to being like them so all we have to do is to enjoy the this kitchen-friendly HBN product benefits in our modern kitchen.

This awesome tool, Shred and Slice Buddy will transform your kitchen into a powerhouse. Pop on the Shredder/Slicer Accelerator for mountains of Shredded Cauliflower Rice or a Sliced Veggie Gratin. The possibilities are endless.

It provides you with 3 cylindrical attachments – Thick Shredder, Fine Shredder, Slicer. When the attachment moves and the pressure appear from the top, while moving the handle of the tool, this reliable and time-saving investment makes every food item perfect and evenly without any wastage. The key benefits to using this buddy are speed and uniformity in slicing and shredding. Buddy is truly a salad shooter. A new product, from HBN—the single serving slicer and shredder promise to do everything the Salad Shooter could do.

Vacuum suction knob keeps you rest assured when doing any movement while usage. This knob will get it fixed in the kitchen base for safety use. This non-rusty shred and slice buddy is made from stainless steel with a high-quality material designed to last for years.

This Shred and Slice Buddy is great for spiralizing regulars looking for a faster and more convenient way to make weeknight dinner. Carrots and beets both shot out evenly and cleanly shredded, and nuts were chopped via the slicing blade in a way that made them fine. Shred and Slice Buddy will serve as a wonderful addition to your kitchen and can be your best friend when you are hungry and tired.

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