Multi Gym Fat Blaster-An equipment of cardio gym fitness.

Multi Gym Fat Blaster is an equipment of cardio gym fitness.Cardio is one of the most vital components of working out. Creating a home gym that supports your ability to boost your cardiovascular health isn’t always easy; it takes to research and thought before you can determine the right equipment for best workout. Being practical when it comes to spending is essential for many people most especially during these difficult days. And to stay in shape or to become healthy, many people opt to purchase a multi gym fitness equipment rather than pay for a gym membership. While having your own fitness equipment is a huge investment, this actually saves you money in the long run, most especially if you purchase durable ones that last a lifetime.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and you have no time to go to fitness gyms and sports centers, you can still get your workouts done if you own a personal set of multi gym equipment which is Multi Gym Fat Blaster. For lower body workout, Multigym Fat Blaster has a unique feature of Pedal Cycle. Pedal cycle provides cardiovascular and strength-building benefits. It also works on your abs, obliques, Chest, Biceps, Back, shoulders, Triceps, and calves. Sit Ups, Push Ups, Rocking & Twisting can be done with ease along with Upper & Lower extremity exercises for getting your body in the perfect shape. It consists of has soft rolling cushions to support your neck and back ensuring comfort and avoiding the risk of pain and injuries. This is ideal for every height as the neck rest has 4 levels of adjustments, the leg raise has 3 levels of strong & durable rubber resistance adjustments and the seat length is also adjustable. The flexibility of the backrest allows you to perform all those exercises with great ease and comfort.It has a wide base which makes this machine extremely balanced and it is built like a chair to make it very easy to use and effective for both males and females of any height, weight, and age.

So, if you are planning to purchase your own multi-gym equipment, Multi Gym Fat Blaster is the best option for you.

Multigym Fat Blaster Six Pack Ab Machine HBN TeleBrands


It consists of
Cycle for Cardio Exercises.
Leg raise with 3 level resistance.
It has strong reflex rubber for lower body.
Back & neck roller cushions for spinal support.
Improves body posture and shapes your shoulders.
Activates whole functioning of muscles.
Relieves back and neck pain.
A flexible rotating seat.
Compact, lightweight and easy to store.
It’s made up of industrial strength metal with sturdy frame.
4 Industrial strength springs.
SGS Tested.


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