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Master Blaster Full Body Exercise Machine

Fitness has a key role in everyone’s life and everyone wants to look as fit as the models on the posters of famous movies or series or even advertisements. In a world filled with responsibilities, giving time to family, working hard at your work place, making time for friends puts fitness right at the bottom of the things you wish to do. This was a prime reason for the concept of a fitness home gym, a home gym equipment or a set of home fitness products to make your fitness level better than what it was.

Here at HBN, fitness has always been a priority and today we’ll be discussing about a very unique & innovative fitness home gym equipment – Master Blaster.

This incredible fitness home gym gives you a full body workout at the comfort of your home & targets your major muscle groups namely
-Abs & Obliques
-Back & Shoulders
-Arms & Chest
-Glutes & Hips
-Thighs & Calves

Master Blaster is one home fitness equipment that you cannot dislike, the most stunning aspect of this fitness home gym is that you can do over 20 full body workouts on this home gym equipment. Exercises such as – Sit Ups, Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Twists, Leg Raises, Push-ups, Rocking, Lateral Raise, Single Arm Row, Shoulder Press, Front Raise, Bicep Curls, Rope Fly, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Oblique Crunch, Leg Crunch, Back Stretch, Dips, Side Twist, Side Crunch, Press Ups can be done with ease on the Master Blaster.

Master Blaster Ab Workout Equipment

This fantastic fitness home gym equipment can be used by both men and women of all age groups and all weight categories and is ideal for both beginners and professionals too. Thanks to the design, exercise patterns & effectiveness of this home fitness product, it helps you in weight loss, reduces the extra inches, burns fats and gives you a fit and toned body with defined muscles & stronger joints.

Some of the best features & benefits of the Master Blaster include
-To support your neck there is an adjustable neck rest with rolling cushions that can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
-The length of the Master Blaster can be adjusted up to 3 levels as per your height.
-Industrial strength spring provides resistance for upper body exercises.
-Strong reflex rubber provides resistance for lower body exercises.
-Variable & flexible seat positions that can be used to do a range of exercises.
-Easy to store, compact & portable.

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So it is safe to say that if you’re looking for a magical fitness home gym equipment that can help you improve your fitness without sacrificing a lot of time, the Master Blaster is what you need.

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