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Fitness has always been a passion and staying fit has been a hobby ever since I was 15. At the age of 34 however, fitness wasn’t my main priority as I had to give more time to my family and specially to my new born kid. Lots of sweets, change in schedule, irregular sleep timing were few factors that did affect my fitness and I honestly felt that there was no way back considering that I had no time to hit the gym or run on the streets. Luckily to my rescue came this amazing home gym equipment – Total Gain.

Speaking of home gym equipment, I wasn’t really happy about the limited things that a regular home gym set offers. I did check many of them and found out that some were for the upper body and some for lower body. My search ended on the Total Gain and to be frank, I was very impressed with its unique appearance. Right from the moment I saw it, I was curious to know more and found out that it is mainly known to be a treadmill for the abs & can provide a full body workout at home. I was then told that it targets abs, oblique, back, triceps, shoulder, chest, biceps, thighs and glutes which gave me another reason to buy it.

Once I started using it, I could feel the difference and the best part was that it was really fun to use. I started using it in my bedroom, right next to where my baby sleeps. No noise from this home gym equipment, I was able to perform workouts like crunches, twists, reverse twists, chest press with absolute ease. The most important feature of this home gym set is the C curve, which is of the shape of your spinal for proper support. The C curve has 3 adjustable positions which allow anybody to use it according to their height. The neck rest has 4 levels so as to adjust it according to your height so you get complete neck support while exercising. It has a wide base for stability and perfect balance. The seat has lines which give you perfect grip and the arc shape gives ultimate comfort. The chest bars are perfectly placed so as to give you maximum efficiency. The leg cushions are curved in design for better grip and comfortable use. The rollers are smooth and the safety knobs keep the machine above the ground level.

I’ve been using it for the last 30 days, 15 minutes every day and believe me, the results are amazing. I did follow a good diet along with using the Total Gain and I am really happy with the results. I am no fitness model or icon however, I am happy being fit and fine. I usually don’t promote any products however, this home gym equipment is something I can promote all my life. My life has become much easier & being fit makes it even better.

Reasons to buy this

Comfortable and easy to use.
Full body workout.
Good material quality overall.
No risk of injuries or pain.
Can be used at home.

My rating – 5/5

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