Indulge In Hassle Free Cooking With ChefDini!

Food is something we all love. We take the required pain to prepare the food that interests us and satisfies our taste buds. We always are excited to binge on a variety of meals. After preparing the sumptuous meal we binge on it. Once you have done with the eating part comes the most difficult part. Cleaning! The mere thought of cleaning it has already got you tired but then you are left with no option. It would take a good one and a half hour to clean all the mess and dump it in the dustbin and by the time you reach the final stage of the process you already are exhausted with tremendous body pains.

Imagine an emergency and you have to cut all those vegetables to prepare food. You have to cut those veggies and that takes another hour. By the time you start with cooking you already are exhausted. Wait! Are you telling me you are not in a mood to prepare the food? But remember you had promised your hubby and children that you would make their favourite dish?
While you are surrounded by these thoughts your heart longs for something that will make your cooking easier. How you wish to have a tool or a device designed that will put all those cooking problems to rest! Here is the solution.


Hbn India’s ChefDini is here. The multipurpose veggie cutter helps you cut those vegetables with ease and no mess. It is the perfect solution for those long and painful hours of cutting the vegetables with that sharp knives. The veggie cutter allows you cut vegetables with great ease and style. You can cut the hardest of them with great ease. It makes cooking seem like play. Now get that hassle free veggie cutter which will instill the long-lost enthusiasm. Now you can cook with the renewed strength and zeal as Chef Dini will help you serve that meal in lesser time.

You need not worry about that mess of cutting vegetables, Chef Dini helps you save that precious time. You can now cut those vegetables within no time. After that cooking will seem like play. You can prepare the hardest meal in less time. This veggie cutter is not only confined to vegetables but has a six-piece accessory kit which you can transform it into a meat slicer, julienne slicer, beater/blender, juicer, egg-white separator and shredder/grater. It is that versatile. Chef Dini is the ultimate solution to your never-ending problems.

The secret of the product is the Triple Unified Action! As you turn the handle over 100 gears propel three culinary blades with angled tips to create a continuous chopping and mixing action. Turn once and the razor sharp blades automatically spin four times around. It’s like having 12 knives chopping for you.The more you turn the handle, the finer you can chop. You can even puree fruits and vegetables fine enough to make healthy baby food.

Available at a price of 1499/- this veggie cutter is the ultimate solution to our cooking problems. Stylish, portable and easy to use, it is available at an online discount of 10% on online payment. Unlike other vegetable cutters, you don’t need electricity Along with that you also get a 500HBN Cash which can be redeemed on future purchases.

If you have trouble using it, you can directly refer to the video which will provide you an insight into the usage of the product.

Not only that you also get
Chef Dini
Recipe Book
Ultimate Cleaner including Compact Dust Pan and Brush and a Magic Scrub absolutely free.

Grab this ChefDini and make cooking an enjoyable experience!


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