One Of The Best Home Fitness Equipment- Telebrands Fitness Pump

Push-ups has been an orthodox exercise included in the daily workout of people all over the world. Fitness experts prefer training the beginners with this exercise as it is a risk-free exercise. Executing Push Ups does not require any fitness equipment or gear hence it is also known as anytime anywhere exercise. But a general survey says that beginners, especially ladies require plenty of months to execute a perfect push up, the reason might be many for their failure, but the most highlighted reason is fragile strength in their hands. Are you suffering from the same problem? Don’t worry, Telebrands Fitness Pump is the solution of this problem. Telebrands Fitness Pump is certainly the best push-ups machine, thanks to its unique and innovative design. This home fitness product is specially designed to strengthen and develop your chest, biceps, triceps, lats and for toning abs and legs so that you get your desired body with more ease and less pain without any risk of injury.

This home gym product makes the muscles work twice with the same force, reducing the body weight by 50% and allowing you to maintain a good posture for your back and helping you do more push-ups than before. This Fitness Pump gym equipment has three different grips for a wide and complete range of exercises. The outer grip targets your chest and biceps making them strong and muscular, the upper grip helps tone your back and shoulders, the inner grip works on your triceps.


Telebrands Fitness Pump is the best push-ups machine, doing push-ups won’t be painful anymore, this home fitness equipment will help you get your desired body three times faster with only one-third of the effort by exercising only for 10 minutes daily at any place and any time. This is one fitness tool that has helped many do more sets of push-ups easily, effectively and without any pain and this is the perfect solution to all your push-ups & upper body muscle building problems.


Fitness is a booming industry, acquiring a muscular or voluptuous physique in a limited time period has become a major task for people. Telebrands Fitness Pump is the appropriate equipment to develop your overall body muscles. One can place this machine in any corner of the house due to its compact size. This equipment does not require any special type of maintenance, lubricating the joints in it once in a blue moon is sufficient. It is made up of aluminium and steel which makes it durable as well as a flexible fitness equipment. Develop all the muscles of your body with the help of Telebrands Fitness Pump.

Best fitness equipment for home workout

Your hectic schedules do not allow you to remain fit? Don’t worry, just order Telebrands Fitness Pump from HBN to acquire an admirable fit physique. The Telebrands Fitness Pump is designed for people who are unable to visit gym due to their hectic schedules. Bringing this equipment at home will help the users to flexibly change the exercise schedule according to their comfort. The Telebrands Fitness Pump proliferates strength in users’ arms so that the users will easily lift their body weight during exercises like pull ups and push ups, which are one of the most basic and versatile exercises for a beginner. Do you want to stimulate your lifting capacity? Telebrands Fitness Pump is the appropriate equipment for you.

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