Power Wallet Review – To Use Or Not To Use?

Power Wallet combines a smart phone & tablet charger with a compact wallet that has a sturdy aluminum casing. In an age of providing value added services, it is indeed amazing to see that a wallet can serve as a power bank too. Considering that we use our smart phones almost every hour for games, social media, music and many other purposes, you do know the value of a power bank or a charger which you can use 24 x 7.

Key Features & Claims

Combines a wallet & cell phone charger.
Quickly connects to smart phones & tablets.
Organizes cash & cards with accordion design.
Blocks RFID technology.
Aluminum casing that is water resistant.
Comes with a snag-free magnetic power cable.
Half the size of a normal wallet.
Slim & compact.


The Power Wallet has been mostly promoted because of the tough aluminum case, RFID blocking technology, and a built-in battery that can charge your phone via USB.

Speaking about the design of the wallet, it is similar to those generic aluminum wallets featuring an accordion interior to hold items however, I must admit that the quality of the case seems to be much better. The manufacturers claim that this wallet is great to store cash, cards and keys however, I personally prefer only to store my cards, license, documents in this wallet. Since it is small in size, it easily fits into any pocket or purse or bag without consuming much space & it doesn’t open on its own if it is closed properly.

RFID blocking is not really something most consumers need to worry about. It has been shown that the threat is overblown however, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

As far as a phone charger goes, this wallet performs at an acceptable rate. It’s certainly not going to compete with a 20,000 mAH power bank, but it will give you the necessary power when your phone is about to die. It is ideal for college students & even for working people who travel throughout the day. It gives you a license to use your phone at your will and make full use of free time or travel time using your phone. The charging rate is pretty decent and it can certainly save you when you need your phone the most.

Given a choice, I would recommend this wallet to my friends and family members considering the added benefits. If you don’t mind an aluminum accordion wallet, and don’t expect a high end battery pack, Power Wallet maybe ideal for you too.

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