Power Wallet- the compact wallet

With a combination of smartphone and tablet charger with a compact wallet, Power wallet is 2 in 1 product where you can carry it anywhere. Power wallet has a sturdy aluminum casing which is lightweight and small enough to fit in any of your purses or even your pocket.

None of your cards or cash will get ruined because Power wallet is waterproof which will prevent you from any accidents that involve puddles or liquid mishaps. The power wallet is also lined with RFID blocking technology that can help keep your credit cards safe from electronic thieves, and its accordion design allows it to easily store all your pictures, cash, and credit cards.

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The unisex design makes it the perfect wallet for anyone. Now you don’t need to carry a portable phone charger, just plug it into your wallet and get your phone charged. This superb technology, Power wallet is great for road trips, long flights, and working remotely. It weighs 1 pound with the dimension of 5′ 2′ 1′ inch and is Android and iPhone compatible. The best thing about the Power wallet is it comes half the size of a normal wallet which is so easy to carry.

Power wallet comes with a snag-free magnetic power cable. These are the cords that you plug into the wallet and later into your phone to charge it and these cords are proclaimed as snag free. Power wallet will help keep you organized because you will know exactly where everything is by avoiding exploring through your purse which is very time-consuming and later ends in frustration.


Power wallet has hit the market that promises and understands your pocket and purse flexibility. It gives you some extra juice when your phone is about to die. This pretty new product, Power wallet, will not make you disappoint and also promise to take care of your cards and cash.

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