Safe on Flame

Safe on Flame is a must for all household kitchens which saves from any unforeseen accident which may arise due to leakage or any other kind of damage. It is the best device which could detect the quantity and leakage in the gas cylinder.

With innovative engineering design, proven dependability and gas-saving, Safe on Flame is approved by the government of India. It is used on LPG & CNG cylinders to regulate the flow of gases. While if there occurs a major leakage, Safe on Flame provides you the auto shut-off facility and even facility to check minor leakage. The best thing is that Safe on Flame, saves 30% of LPG & CNG gas and it is easily & quickly fitted to most gas cylinders.

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The most important factor that you will get Safe on Flame with three years warranty from the date of purchase. Safe on Flame is an exceptionally reliable, high-quality gas safety device regulator using the finest components that conform to international standards. This gas safety device regulator has priced afford ably and gives you total peace of mind. Besides, it helps you reduce gas consumption and the system pays back for itself in a short time.

What you are buying is not just a gadget or accessory, it is insurance and peace of mind for yourself and for your family. A must have this gas safety device regulator installed to avoid an accident as Safe on Flame is not only a product but a service provider to mankind. You cherish your family and always think about their well being. Safe on Flame converts your thoughts into practice by introducing an instrument that prevents “Gas Leak” and thereby the fearsome accidents caused due to the Gas Leak.


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They believe in the statement “Prevention is better than cure”. On this principal Ensuring and Insuring the well being of your family members and loved ones is must. In few words, Safe on Flame is “Your Safety Factor” Trust.

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