Weight Loss Home Workout Machine – Sculptor

Being a person who works from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, I know how tough it is to give time to fitness. After work, it is important to give time to your family specially when you’re married and have a kid too. I knew that sitting in front of the computer throughout the day, limited body movement was going to end up with increased weight and increased body fat & that’s what exactly happened. With no time for the gym, I decided to look for some weight loss home workout routines however, dropped the plan after looking at the number of exercises mentioned.

I had given up on the idea of being fit considering that I did not really have enough time to give to the gym or any weight loss home workout plans. Luckily, I came across a home gym equipment named “The Sculptor” and decided to research further. After hours on the internet I was convinced that it targets calves, hamstrings, hips, back, triceps, shoulders, biceps, chest, wrist & wings and sculpts the body from head to toe in just one single motion & I for some reason knew that this weight loss home workout machine is what I need to get back in shape.

I ordered it online from HBN and was quite impressed with the delivery procedure and the overall service. The best part about The Sculptor home gym set is that you only have to do a single motion exercise on this home fitness product. The single motion is a combination of 4 different exercises namely leg press, row, squats, and crunches. In the first week, I used The Sculptor home gym for only 3 minutes a day and moved on to 5 minutes from week 2.

I compared The Sculptor with the other home gym products which are used by my neighbors & friends and found that unlike many other home gym machines, this home exercise machine also allows you to go below parallel level, so in just 1 stroke it activates all your major muscles like calves, hamstrings, hips, back, triceps, shoulders, biceps, chest, wrist, wings & entire core muscles. I personally prefer the fact that I don’t need any personal trainer to workout on this exercise machine. Also, since there is only one motion of exercise which combines 4 exercises, I can workout while watching TV or while supervising what my kid is doing and still get good results.

Talking about results, I’ve lost 8 kilos in around a month and I now workout for 7-10 minutes every day. So if you’re looking for a weight loss home workout machine, I would highly recommend The Sculptor by HBN.

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