Wireless Karaoke Mic – HBN 5 in 1 Superstar

Being someone who loves to sing, dance and party, I’ve always liked to use and write about mics, speakers, karaoke systems, live gigs and everything with regards to music. Recently, I came across a very interesting electronic device which looked like a regular mic however, was very eye catchy and made me take a lot of interest in it. My friend who purchased it told me that it is the 5 in 1 Superstar, a wireless karaoke mic which serves as a mic, bluetooth speaker and even a FM and audio recorder.

After being awestruck with the appearance, I quickly turned it on and started singing on it. The first thing I noticed was the ease of use and the clarity of the buttons mentioned. I was easily able to understand many things like how to control the mic and speaker volume, how to increase or decrease the echo effect, how to mute the wireless karaoke mic. When I started singing, I fell in love with the sound quality and for a second, I doubted if the sound I heard was actually mine. It sounded so clear, so neat and so professional that I could not stop myself from singing 3 songs back to back.

The echo effect certainly lives up to the name of the product and makes you feel like a superstar when you sing it. The way my friends reacted when I was singing, WOW!! What a feeling, there are few things that money can’t buy and for me, this was certainly one of them.

I decided to keep the 5 in 1 Superstar with me for a day to try and experiment with it and to entertain myself. Here are few things I really liked about this wireless karaoke mic.

-It connects with your device like a phone via Bluetooth very easily and has a pretty decent range (10 meters as claimed by the manufacturers).
-You can use this mic as a Karaoke system as you can play all your karaoke tracks via YouTube, internet sites or a pen drive, memory card.
-The sound quality of the speaker is very impressive, it is loud enough and is very clear. When you sing, you can hear yourself very clearly, the karaoke track or the party music also plays quite well.
-If you don’t wish to sing, you can simply use this as a FM radio or a bluetooth speaker and listen to your favorite songs.
-The echo effect is a must try if you use this mic, it can make you sound much better and certainly gives the feel of a studio and concert.
-It is small in size and can be carried easily, fits in any bag and has a good battery life too.

The 5 in 1 Superstar comes with a wireless karaoke mic, a USB cable for charging and with a Recording cable to help you record all your songs. It looks really great & fancy and it can be used by kids, teens, youth & adults. The size and weight makes it very easy to carry, I kept it in my bag and it didn’t occupy much space. I charged this mic for around 1 hour (my friend did charge it before giving it to me) and it did last for a long time which was pretty impressive considering that if you’ll be partying for around 7-8 hours, then you can use this device without any interruption. One good feature of this mic is that if you connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, then you don’t need to keep changing songs by using your phone every time, you can simply use the prev and next buttons to change songs from your phone’s music library or even from YouTube. The same can be done if you connect a pen drive or memory card.

There are also 4 slots in this mic to make things easier. The USB slot for inserting a pen drive, TF card slot for inserting a Micro SD memory card. You can use your pen drive or memory card and have a karaoke or dance party wherever you go. This will be useful for you when you go for a picnic where the network isn’t that great. Also, there is a AUX slot to connect your phone, tablet or laptop without Bluetooth, An Out slot to record the songs that you’ll be singing using this mic.

Overall, I think this is a great device for everyone. It can serve as a huge source of entertainment for all your event, perfect for house parties or camping events, will be loved by all music lovers. If you love to sing, you need to try the 5 in 1 Superstar wireless karaoke mic at least once. If you love to dance, simply use this as a speaker and party like a rockstar.

If we compare the cost of this device with any other bluetooth speaker or karaoke system, it is quite cheap. A good karaoke system comes for over 10000 INR and the songs can’t be updated once you’ve purchased the device which means that you won’t be able to sing any songs which are released after you purchase the karaoke system. A good quality bluetooth speaker can cost you around 3000 INR however, you cannot use it for singing. A good quality mic combined with an amplifier can cost you minimum 8000 INR however, you won’t be able to connect your phone or use it as a karaoke device.

Considering all these factors, I would give the 5 in 1 Superstar wireless karaoke mic a 5 on 5 rating. If you love to enjoy, what can be better than a karaoke and music device at such a low price? Once again, there are some things that money can’t buy, feeling like a superstar every time you sing on this bluetooth mic is one of them. Show your talent, make the world clap for you, sing your heart out, dance till you drop, do everything that makes you happy with the 5 in 1 Superstar wireless karaoke mic.

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