Our aim is to make your shopping easy, relaxing and convenient which is why we have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section just for you. Here you will find answers for all your questions with regards to shopping with HBN.

What is the total price we have to pay for your product ?

The total Invoice value which a customer pays is the MRP of the product plus the postage & handling charges per product. If you wish to utilize our Cash On Delivery option then there is an additional charge of 5% of the invoice value.

How will the product be delivered to us?

It would be dispatched via India Post or Courier We aim to deliver all our products at your doorstep. However in some rare India Post dispatch cases where the parcel size is big and the local post man is unable to do a home delivery, you may have to go to the nearest post office to collect your parcel.

Within how many days the product would reach us ?

We aim to dispatch our products with 5-7 working days. The products should reach within 10-15 working days.

If I pay by credit card, when will my card be charged?

Although we securely capture your credit card details, your payment is processed/charged only when the goods are ready for dispatch.

Where are your products manufactured ?

Best inventors across the world design our products, the origin of the product is generally the country of the inventor. It could be from Latin America, Europe, China or India.

What If we receive the product in damage or defective condition?

Such a product will be replaced. Products are properly checked and appropriately packed before dispatch. In an unlikely case if your goods get damaged in transit you can call customer service on: 9223100727 within 24hrs of receipt of such product to lodge a complaint. You will have to send the piece back to us in its original box packing and unused condition in order to claim a replacement please check our Returns Policy for more details.

What is 15 days unconditional guarantee?

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product performance or the quality, you can call our helpline within 15 days of receiving the product and we will give you a Full Merchandisers Credit Note. No Questions asked, please check our Returns Policy for more details.

How could we get a full Credit Note ?

Customer if not satisfied with the product quality or the performance of the product shall register the complaint and send the product back to the company withing 15 working days, On receipt of the product from the customer a refund Credit Note would be issued and emailed to you on your registered email id

What is the guarantee and warranty on your products?

It varies from product to product, all specific details are mentioned in the product description page.

What is the Life Time Guarantee?

Telebrands India is the only company that covers all products sold under the life time warranty. Irrespective of the manufacturers/individual warranty you can get your unit exchanged at any time at only 50% of the MRP. i.e. even after 5-10 years of use of the product you would like it to be replaced by a new unit we will be happy to replace it with a new one at only 50% Convenience Charge.

Do You have any service Center for your product near by?

Most of our products are maintainence free. Our products undergo a rigorous Quality Checks and meet European Standards. Occasionally a product may require repair. In such a case we may just ship out the part to be repaired to you and you can replace the same, else you can send the unit back to us for repair We will asses the unit and then repair/replace it as per the company policies.