What is HBN Cash?

Now don't just shop, earn with every product you buy! Yes, you read that right “Now don't just shop,
earn with every product you buy”. We at HBN, value each and every customer of ours and want you
to make the most of your shopping which is why we make sure that you to save more and earn every
time you shop with us. Presenting the HBN Cash, a 500 INR or more Value Back Cash which you can
use on any purchase from HBN.

HBN Cash is our symbol of love, gratitude and appreciation for all our customers.

How To GET Your HBN Cash?

All you need to do is buy a product from HBN which offers you a HBN Cash and you can then redeem
this HBN Cash on your next purchase or future purchases from HBN and keep saving even more every
time you shop with us. The best part is that we give you this HBN Cash along with other great deals
and free gifts that you get with the product, so you can redeem your HBN Cash and gain more
discounts along with the other offers which are available with the product you wish to buy.

Our HBN Cash is credited to your account as soon as you make the payment for the purchase of any
product which offers HBN Cash and can be used for your next purchase via TV or website for the next
12 months. Everyone loves discounts, combine them with deals and free gifts, it becomes the best
shopping experience for you and we at HBN, wish to make your every shopping experience, the very

The idea of HBN Cash is to give you more discounts and help you save more as we want you to the
make the most of our amazing, high quality and innovative products. We have many of our customers
who have used the HBN Cash and claimed it very early and have been featured on our website.
Now you can also be featured on our website just like Mr. Sharma, Mr. Singh and Mrs. Patel, buy a
product which offers HBN Cash, once you get the HBN Cash, buy a new product using our HBN Cash
and we will feature you on our website with your name and image. Hurry up, shop more and save

Terms & Conditions:
1. HBN Cash cannot be used on the same purchase, it can only be used on your next purchase.
2. HBN Cash cannot be returned or replaced and cannot be exchanged for cash or free gifts or any
other product.
3. HBN Cash cannot be transferred to a different customer and it cannot be purchased for any
amount as well. HBN Cash is only available to the customer who buys a product which offers
HBN Cash.
4. You can use the HBN Cash and get a maximum 10% off on your next purchase. If the 10% is
less than 500, you can use the remaining amount for your future purchases as well.


If you buy any product worth 999 INR which has free gifts and 500 HBN Cash, you pay only 999 INR
for that product and along with the product and the free gifts you also get 500 HBN Cash which you
can redeem on your next purchase.

With this HBN Cash, if you now buy a new product worth 2000 INR, then you can use the amount of
200 out of the 500 which you have as HBN Cash (as the product price is 2000 INR and 10% will be
200 INR). You will get your discount and will have the 300 INR HBN Cash which you can use for future

In the same scenario, if you have 500 HBN Cash and if you buy a product worth 5000 INR or above,
you can use the entire 500 HBN Cash to get a 500 INR discount on your purchase.
In a scenario wherein you have 500 HBN Cash and you buy a new product worth 2000 INR which
offers another 500 HBN Cash, you will now be left with a total of 800 HBN Cash, 500 from the new
HBN Cash and 300 from the old HBN Cash as out of 500, 200 was used as a discount for the product
you purchased worth 2000 INR.